The Vampire Diet Explained


Seriously. After all, it says “vampire” right there in the title

 “The Vampire Diet” is a book in progress. What it is NOT is a diet book. The world is covered in self-help “diet” books that tell you what to not to eat and how to lose weight. Few of them talk about the mental and emotional aspects of health (which is what losing weight is really all about – getting and staying healthy). Even fewer talk about the mind-body-spirit connections of it all. So far as I know, none of them make it fun.

I approach just about everything from a HOLISTIC frame of mind. Sure, eat such-and-such and you will lose weight. Sure, having a fit and healthy body will have a good influence on your mind, emotions and spirit. BUT – how are you going to get physically healthy if you leave mind and spirit behind in the first place? You can’t put mind and spirit on the back burner while you drop those 10, 20, 80 pounds. Mind and spirit are coming along for the ride, like it or not.

That is where “The Vampire Diet” comes in. It injects a little fun and playfulness into the dreaded dieting process. It draws parallels between contemporary vampires in books, TV and movies to add a little inspiration and fun to whatever “diet” you (or you and your doctor) decide is best. I like to think of it as a “mental cosplay” & a little touch of Halloween fun for any time of year and any kind of eating lifestyle.

This blog is a companion to “The Vampire Diet” with

  • posts about the book’s progress
  • amateur home-cook recipes I’ve invented – just for fun.
  • random thoughts and nonsense along the way

I’m not going to tell you how much I weigh, how much I’ve lost or any of that. It doesn’t matter. Whatever the scales say right now doesn’t matter. It is just the beginning.

What matters is where we go from here.


This blog and anything else written by Ronda Snow is for entertainment and personal enrichment only. All written content  and the triquetra/snowflake logo are copyright Ronda Snow, all rights reserved. Other images are, to the best of my knowledge, public domain. This information does not diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. YOU and you alone are responsible for your actions, even if it is a result of using information you might find here. Use my blogs and books at your own risk. These blogs/books do not suggest ways to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease and  they do not take the place of professional medical care. I receive no compensation from any products or services mentioned. 

Truth and inspiration can be found anywhere, even in the unconventional and imaginative. Some people need attention and applause and numbers and goals and regimes. Other people just need permission to be more fully themselves. Still other people need edginess and playfulness and vampire analogies. Surface appearances and numbers on a scale don’t impress me. Heart and Humor impresses me. The analogies between angst-ridden pop culture vampires trying not to eat people and those of us trying not to eat junk food – THAT has my attention.” 



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