Menu Ideas week 21 March 2016


Monday – Tofu Tacos (meatless monday)

Tuesday – lasagne

Wednesday – chicken fried rice (great use for veggie or rice leftovers if you have them)

Thursday – breakfast for dinner…hoevos rancheros

Friday – fried pollack and confetti rice



Deciding what to make for dinner giving you stress?

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Menu Ideas week of May 11


Ahh, corn season. Got to love fresh corn on the cob…the ultimate convenience food. Just pop it out of its container and into boiling water, & Ta-DAH….whole grain goodness.


Monday – Hot dogs and corn on the cob

Tuesday – Veggie-ish Lasagne

Wednesday – chicken burritos

Thursday – pasta faux-jule

Friday – fried pollack and confetti rice

Dinner Bell: Menu Ideas week of Feb 9


I don’t know how much help these menu ideas really are: sometime the challenge is in fleshing out a meal into something balanced, or adapting it to your particular tastes. More often, for me anyway, the real challenge is the starting point. And the shopping point.  If I have an entree (or one dish wonder) in mind, then it isn’t so bad to grab some pantry items or leftovers to balance things out. So I’m just putting the first ding in the dinner bell, suggesting an entree…I’ll leave it to you and your fridge and cupboards to figure out the rest. Good luck!

Monday – Shepherd’s pie

Tuesday – salisbury steak , blackberry crumble for dessert (fruit! Antioxidants! deliciousness!)

Wednesday – Cauliflower bake (meatless)

Thursday – Enchilada soup (I’ll get the recipe to you when I finish tweeking it)

Friday – baked pollock and confetti rice (if it’s friday, it must be fish. I do it for the omega 3s, year round, not religious reasons – but am looking forward to fish fry season just the same. Yum!)

For more inspiration and healthiness, visit PaBlam! Excellent idea from Pam 🙂