Real Recipes

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m an amateur – when it comes to cooking anyway. Amateur from the Latin meaning I LOVE IT.  But I’m not a chef.  The recipes I come up with and post here are more like the recipes you might get from a whacky Aunt at the family reunion than the recipes you would get from someone with real culinary training. Since you are nice enough to read my blog, I’ll share some of my all-time favorite online real-recipe resources with you. 

“A feast for your eyes”

Omnomalicious –

Food TV –

Nadia G’s Bitchin’ Kitchen –

Like the name says, it’s….

And the equally eponymous  and

As if I could replicate the real thing…but this let’s you take a run at the Disney deliciousness…

Another blog that brings the good, and the fun…

You don’t expect recipes along with planting advice, but I’ve gotten some really handy recipes from Old Farmer’s Almanac…

And for yums the old school way, The Domestically Impaired Guide to the Retro Kitchen Arts… plus her spanking new photo driven and delicious

Crafts and recipes are totally in my wheelhouse…the photos and desserts bring out my “sweet fang” every time

Up and coming Pittsburgh food blogger:

And for just general awesomeness, may I suggest:


Team Snow:

The Bloom Studio:

8 thoughts on “Real Recipes

  1. Not sure about those burgers. I have a friend who thinks she is a vampire. Maybe she will like them. Take care! Enjoyed visiting your blog.

    • Well, like I said in the beginning, I’m no chef. The recipes here are more the wacky aunt variety than anything else. Also, don’t forget, the “vampire” part and the food part are not related…the premise of the blog is drawing analogies from the vampire legends to help ‘transform’ our eating patterns into something healthier, no matter what the specific foods are. Your friend thinking she is a vampire has nothing to do with whether she’d like the recipe or not. Like everything, it is a matter of personal choice / taste. Vegetarian isn’t for everyone. But no matter…thanks for reading 🙂 Maybe some of the other recipes will be to your liking, and I’m sure you can find something good on the sites from the links on this page.

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