My Other Books



#PeaceTarot is a how-to Tarot Meditation guide to help you use Tarot cards to bring a little more quiet, calm and peace of mind to busy days and troubling times. Click HERE to order.

Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds


Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds is a collection of poetry in three parts. Part One, The Outer World, is inspired by Nature. Part Two, The Inner World, is inspiration itself, touching on philosophy, spirituality, personal growth and autonomy. Part Three, The Dance of Worlds, is about relationships of all kinds. Our connection to others is that place where our two worlds meet and begin to dance. Click HERE to order.

Bead Mindful, Begin Meditating


“Bead Mindful, Begin Meditating” is a beginner friendly how-to using a string of beads to transition from a busy life to a busy life with a meditation practice….from stress to serenity. Both ebook and handcrafted Mala beads available at Quirk & Flotsam


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