Ronda Snow holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Science from Alderson-Broaddus College (1987). She worked as a nationally certified Physician Assistant in psychiatry and cardiology before leaving mainstream medicine to write, consult and be a full time wife and mom. Mrs. Snow is a Reiki Master-practitioner. You can read more about Reiki HERE.  She registered as a U.L.C. preceptor in 2005 (see listing HERE). She is a retired Tai Chi instructor and continues to have an avid interest in Chinese Martial Arts and Taoist philosophy.

In order to demonstrate and expand her existing holistic health knowledge, Ronda took remote study academic coursework including aromatherapy, Ayervedic Medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, the history of Naturopathy, Homeopathy basics and many others. She was awarded a nonaccredited Ph.D in Natural Health from CCNH for her dissertation on “Reiki and Relaxation:  A Practical Look at Reiki and Stress Reduction in a Non-Medical Setting”.

Her book #PeaceTarot, a Daily Tarot Meditation guide, is available on for Kindle (other formats are coming soon.) Her other blogs include “Modern Oracle Tarot“(tarot), and “Baihu’s Haikus” (poetry). She has contributed writing to “Point of Light” magazine, “Kindred” magazine and “Find Your Psychic” e-zine.  Ronda is third co-host on “Menage A Tarot” podcast with David Dear of and Kate of

Her books, handmade meditation beads (mala) and random handmade accessories are at her new Etsy Shop Quirk & Flotsam.

Amateur poetry is a hobby. Her poems appear in “Treasured Poems of America 1994” by the Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum,  as well as “Nature’s Echos” and “Quicksilver Moon” by the International College of Poets. She was voted “Poet of the Year” 2004 by the “Writer’s Castle” peer critique group. “Triquetra: The Dance of Worlds”  her first poetry collection, is available on for Kindle.

In addition to the writing and holistic health work you see on this site, Ronda gives tarot readings for entertainment and stress reduction. For more details or to subscribe to the free blog please visit



To learn more about her writing and Holistic Health tutorials please visit

To have a Tarot reading  please visit

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