Simmering and Stirring


As you’ve seen, The Vampire Diet has been on a slow back-burner simmer lately.

I’ve been stirring other pots and will be back as soon I can. 

Meanwhile, here’s what’s been brewing on the other websites…


Not web related, but just finished Dave Turners second book “Paper Cuts” the continuing adventures of Death, Dave and the gang introduced in “How To Be Dead”, the book that lead me to discover the wonder of chocolate HobNobs. Check them out, they are on

In addition to that…have a Halloween Special up already on

all 3 card yes or no readings are only $5

Remember, it just helps you make a simple decision. Not a life-changer. More like magic 8 ball toy level fun and giggles. 



I’ve pared down and re-focused

Now it is for books and a few key natural stress managment skills

It has a NEW “digital tutorial” where you can answer a few key questions, and get customized meditation suggestions plus a digital copy of my how-to bead meditation guide “Serene Beads” for only $5.00

Aromatherapy Digital Tutorial is next. 

I still offer Reiki sessions, and private lessons in bead meditation or aromatherapy.



Want a pdf downloadable copy of “PeaceTarot” or “Serene Beads”? 

Want a hand made, Reiki imbued strand of Meditation Beads for your lesson or practice? 

Visit my NEW etsy shop Quirk & Flotsam

The shop is a way to get booklets and mala for lessons, but also has quirky random miscellaneous hand crafted accessories made from project leftovers, castoffs, and bargain bin finds. Please visit often. You never know what you’ll find.

Happy Fall Everyone



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