Who says sparkling in the sunshine is pretty?

I tend to look at the world through yin yang colored glasses.

It’s August. The weather stinks. Nothing like sunny hot and humid to bring out my snarling monster side. You won’t catch me sparkling in the sunshine like a Stephanie Meyers vampire, that’s certain. I’ll be curled up in the shade. Wake me when it’s Autumn.

Not that napping in the shade is a bad thing. It’s the yin yang thing, really. Why should we try to keep up the frenetic spring and early summer activity because, as Ned Stark reminds us, winter is coming? Used to be surviving the winter was a lot of effort. It took more to chop wood and carry water, you know? Now winter is a time of decreased activity and abundant rich foods at the winter solstice holidays.  So we get while the getting is good as far as outdoor activity goes.


That’s why they invented indoor gyms and rec centers.

August is the greatest heat and light (yang) of the year, so the obvious response to that is to curl up in the shade and take a doggone nap (yin). Unless you are one of those sparkly vampires, but that’s another story.  A good nap might do you good, even if you are trying to cosplay your vampire lovin’ self into weight loss and fitness. Sleep counts.

Here is a legit mainstream medical source giving you permission for that siesta. Go on. You know you want to. It might keep us from eating everything that isn’t nailed down at the next late summer picnic.





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