The Vampire Diet: You Are What You Bite

Let’s try a little thought experiment.

First, fill in this blank:

“If you are what you eat, then I am ____________.”

DON’T put what you most like TO eat….think of a food that is like a personal logo…what food represents the kind of person you deep-down are, what food symbolizes the kind of person you want to be. Do you want to be lean, healthy and active? Do you want to be indulgent and sweet? Do you want to be limited or abundant?

Now, try this:

“If I were being executed in the morning, I want my last meal to be ________________.”

This is where you put the food you most want TO eat. What do you most want to hit your taste buds in your direst hour? What food do you want lingering on your palate for eternity?

Are they the same thing?

The first choice is drawn from mind-set that is empowering and life-ward looking. The second is from a place that is defeated and death-ward looking. I’m guessing the first choice is more healthy by any standard, including a mainstream one.

Why not eat the first food and ease up on the second?

Why not eat as you want to be, not be what you eat?


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