Menu Ideas week of 2 March 2015

Going with the old favorites. Great chance to try the omnomalicous home made tomato soup…who need the canned stuff when you have this?


Monday – Tomato soup* and grilled cheese sandwiches (meatless)

Tuesday – country boneless ribs and green bean casserole with fresh mushrooms (who needs a holiday for something this good?)

Wednesday – Cauliflower Bake**

Thursday – Tofu Tacos**

Friday spaghetti with achovy sauce and garlic bread (don’t go ewww…use the paste for extra richness in an otherwise meatless sauce…not a fish in sight)


*Lazy me version omitting the fancy mozzerella chuncks and just going with the sandwiches.

**No real reason why…youngling in the mood for the tofu tacos. Just turned out to be a meatless Monday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.



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