Menu Ideas 2 Feb 2015

Pantry diving 101…another snowy Monday in the forecast. Whether it actually snows or not, I’m putting off the usual Monday grocery run. If it dumps 6 inches at rush hour as predicted…staying in is just a good idea. If it doesn’t, no point in going just because of the forecast…after hearing it, people will descend on the store like a plague of locusts and at the very least decimate all bread, milk, toilet paper and beer supplies.

Here in the Northeast it pays to keep a meal or two based on shelf (and freezer) friendly stuff in reserve for just such an occasion. One of our favorites (as you can tell from how often it shows up on the menu ideas) is “pasta faux-jule” A can of beans, a box of pasta, a frozen roll of sausage…tasty stuff that may well last until the next ice age. Or at least the next polar vortex. Or Tuesday.

What are your favorite pantry only meals?

Monday – Pasta Faux-jule

Tuesday – Kalua Pork and apple salad

Wednesday – Fried rice and easy velvet corn soup

Thursday – Chicken cutlets and herb roasted sweet potatoes

Friday – Chili noodle soup

Yay! Pam is back! For more menu ideas and other epic coolness visit her over on Pablam!


5 thoughts on “Menu Ideas 2 Feb 2015

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  2. Yum! I cannot wait to be able to eat most of this again… although I think I can have those herb roasted sweet potatoes. YUM!

    • Sweet potatoes are awesome just about any way they come. They say they are a large part of the Okinawan diet, which is one of those longevity blue zones that they’ve studied, kind of like the Mediterranean Diet. Lots of fiber = low glycemic index. Vitamin A that isn’t from a leafy green = bonus! I’d be surprised if you couldn’t have them. Of course, my favorite way to eat them is deep fried & drizzled with Caesar salad dressing. Used to have a recipe for a low sugar version of the traditional casserole that used a smidge of brown sugar and peanutbutter instead of all the sugar and marshmallows. Will have go foraging for that one of these days. I need to read more about the whole 30 thing. What’s your favorite source for info on it?

      • is a great site. There’s a book that I haven’t read (I’m doing this mostly as a dare, and didn’t have time to do all the research… haha) that I’ve heard great things about. It’s similar to the paleo craze, but a little more strict. The theory behind it, though, is to remove all the foods that are known to cause inflammation. Then slowly reintroduce them to see which ones are affecting you in what ways.

        I like sweet potatoes deep fried with lots of salt and ranch dressing. I have never tried Caeser on them… but I’ll definitely have to!

      • Hope you like the ceasar thing. Was a happy accident one time. I always put ranch on sweet potato fries too, until waitress accidentally brough ceasar once – an I liked it better! Never told her of the mistake.

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