Menu Ideas week of 12 Jan 2015

Monday – Boneless BBQ ribs and buttered corn

Tuesday – whole wheat spaghetti with tomato sauce and side of garlic broccolini (meatless)

Wednesday – Chicken Parmesean Sandwiches (great way to use up any leftover sauce)

Thursday – Hearty Kilbasa soup

Friday – avaocado sushi maki*, easy velvet corn soup


* why yes, yes you can make it yourself.

Don’t psychic yourself out over it…it isn’t that hard. If you don’t want to take the time to make and cut sushi rolls, there is always the legendary “scattered sushi”…prepare the rice with the vinegar and sugar mixture, put it in a bowl, top with fish, veggies or sushi filling of your choice +/- some crumbled nori and have at it! Or, keep an eye on foodnetwork for the “Good Eats”  Wake Up Little Sushi episode. Alton Brown will set you straight.  You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “Menu Ideas week of 12 Jan 2015

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    • Oh my Gallifrey he’s a cutie!! Thanks so much for the shout-out and welcome back to the blogosphere! Glad to hear things are finding a new normal for you. After reading your post, took a quick peek at the whole 30 website. While I take a slightly different view of some foods, but agree with a lot of what they say. Particularly like the way they seem to focus on the type and quality of food rather than calories or numbers on the bathroom scale. And that goes double for the realization that diet has to be a very individual thing. I’m curious to hear how it works out for you! So happy you are back…we missed you 😀

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