Happy Tuesday

I know, I know…it’s tuesday and I’m still on like last friday or something…it’s that time of year.

Am winging it again, sort of …the youngling had a blip of interest in cooking and meal planning so like any sane mama I struck while that particular iron was still lukewarm…so it’s a few days of youngling chow until turkey day.

Tomorrow is prep day, I kind of like yutzing around in the kitchen like that…all I really do is make the brine, heave the turkey in, and make the “pumpkin pie cake” (as we call it. It’s really Paula Deens pumpkin bars). Thursday is the big show. Whole wheat irish soda bread with cream cheese and cranberry compote for brunch with the turkey, green bean casserole and potato smash for dinner. Easy. Not that much more than any other supper, since it’s just us…the up and the down of having a widely scattered family that tends to get together in summer instead of winter when it is easier for the older and school age generations to travel.

Eezy peezy. And plenty of time to watch tv and hit the panic button about all those holiday gifts that need finished and mailed.

Happy Thanksgiving

(and a wonderful week to everyone outside of the U.S., too)


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