Icing on the brain



Braincake, that is. Here is one of this year’s braincakes, frosted by the Padawan herself. We both like the new frosting recipe we tried.

Over on the holistic health side of things (rondasnow.com) I’ve been experimenting with coconut oil (read more HERE). There is a mini-fad right now that coconut oil can cure anything from dementia to hangnails. Actually, it is really good with the hangnails…fantastic lip balm and super for dishpan hands. It is rapidly becoming a favorite carrier oil for aromatherapy and dry skin. I only do it once a week 0r less, but I think the oil drawing (swishing coconut oil in your mouth and holding it around your teeth and gums for about 15 minutes…sounds weird, I know) really does have a nice effect on gums and tooth whiteness. And that is coming from a die hard, multiple cups per day coffee and tea drinker.


No matter what you might think about all the fringe-y claims about it, and no matter what the hard science eventually shows, this non-processed, MID chain lipid (not the LDL variety) is certainly healthier choice in cooking than than trans-fat loaded, highly processed shortenings.

The frosting we used was like the easist buttercream….I just substitued an equal amount of coconut oil for the butter…sort of. Just eyeballed it really….it was about 1/2 cup of coconut oil at room temperature, 1 cup of confectioner’s sugar, and a couple of tsp vanilla extract. Beat it until it was fluffy, then added a few drops of blue and red food coloring to get the sickly purple/grey appropriate for brain cakes, and ta-DAH!

It piped well, holding its shape (as you can see) better than the traditional butter and cream cheese frosting usually found  sitting on top of red velvet cake.

Padawan said it tasted like whipped cream, a testament to how coconut oil has no coconut taste whatever (believe me, if there was the slightest hint of coconut, the Padawan wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole).

And any frosting you get on your lips will only make them soft and smooth.

Cococut oil gets the thumbs up for frosting on the brain…and lips…and hangnails.



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