Menu Ideas 12 October 2014

It’s October, so most of my attention is going to for the next couple of weeks

Won’t you join me there? Here’s an incentive. Order a three card yes/no reading with the coupon BLOGREADER and it is free…my all-hallows-eve gift to you.

But you have to use the coupon code…fair enough? Plus of all the Tarot card spreads, the question really matters…read what that’s all about HERE

But a psychic’s gotta eat (Nicole Cody wrote a lovely piece about psychics and recipes on … see? I’m not the only one) so here’s my thoughts for this weeks menu. Hamburger and those boneless country ribs that the family loves are both on sale, so this week is a little more meat-heavy than usual. I still try to use it sparingly, as a flavoring ingredient, rather than an individual main dish. But it’s that time of year, too. 


Monday – Boneless Ribs and Apple Salad

Tuesday – mushroom meatloaf

Wednesdays – red beans and brown rice

Thursday – beefy noodles and zuchinni bread

Friday – chicken and green onion stromboli-ish thingys (what do you call stuff wrapped in dough and baked? I refuse to call them those evil processed things that rhyme with plot rockets)


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