Potato Smash


So simple, so tasty. You can decide if it is right for your level of healthy diet or not. I’m not a huge potato fan, but the family loves these.


2 lbs potatoes, cleaned, cubed to around 1 inch or slightly larger (I don’t peel except green parts) I’ve used both yukon gold and red potaotes. Either works fine.

4 Tbs butter – cut into smaller pieces – can add extra to get desired texture if needed.

1/2 cup plain greek yogurt

2 Tbs dried chives

salt and pepper to taste.


boil potatoes until very fork tender.Drain well and return to pot. Toss with butter, yogurt, chives, and seasoning while warm and serve.

Whether you peel them or not, these are chunky, rustic, and potato-y …tasty with any American style comfort food, like meatloaf, turkey, etc.



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