Ode to HobNobs


The Grim Reaper ain’t got nothin’ on me.

One of my favorite new books last year was / is “How to be Dead” by Dave Turner. Go…buy it now…you can thank me later. Especially if you one iota like Doctor Who, Monty Python, Douglas Adams….things like that.

In this genius bit of humor, the Grim Reaper rummages through people’s kitchen when he ‘reaps’ them…in search of cookies. Chocolate HobNobs seem to be a favorite.  Now I know why.

We went to Disney for vacation, and one of my favorite parts, geek that I am, is the world showcase. Of course I stopped at the Great Britain pavillion. The Toy Soldier had a whole wall of Doctor Who swag – and I almost caved in to getting a “ministry of silly walks” t-shirt. After that, I silly walked myself right over to the Queens Table in search of Jammie Dodgers in the hopes of impressing my whovian daughter. No luck, but they did have HobNobs and the Dave Turner fan in me HAD to try them. HAD TO!

Good thing, too, because they are freaking delicious! The chocolate coating isn’t too sweet, and the cruchy cookie itself has this caramel-ish rich satisfying flavor. Surprisingly, with all the fiber, they weren’t  gritty or overly dry at all. In the Florida heat and humidity, they softened in an eyeblink, but I liked it. I like chewy cookies better anyway. After a few hours in a shopping bag, they were in this magical best-of-both-worlds soft cruch sort of state. With all the whole wheat and oatmeal in this stuff, here in the US it’s more health food than cookie.

I ate half the pack myself.

The Reaper’s got nothin’ on me.


reaper image “free to modify share and use” via bing.com

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