Still in seafood heaven…

Just as well. Big news!

I’m co-hosting a NEW podcast that premiers Wednesday July 16.

It’s called “Menage A Tarot”, and features the three of us talking all things Tarot. Please visit to listen or catch up from the archives as time goes on…

And I’m told by our technical genius, David, that the podcast is headed to iTunes too…


Menage A Tarot Podcast

Three Friends Playing with a Full Deck


David Dear, Tarot reader, metaphysics expert, author of “The Tarot of Manifestation”, podcaster extroidinaire

Kate, Tarot instructor, author of “How to Read Tarot Cards With Love, Light and Intuition” and “The Ultimate Tarot Journal”

Ronda Snow, Tarot reader, author of “#PeaceTarot”



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