Confetti Rice

I know when I’m out of my league. In time, with tinkering, I’ll get there. For example, the BBQ sauce for slow cooker pulled pork. It took a LOT of experimentation and a couple of batches of boneless ribs to get at a blend we all liked.

I’m not there yet with tumeric, and I’m WAY to cheap to actually buy saffron, so when it comes to yellow rice, I leave that to the pros over at Vigo

But I’m also apparently incapable of leaving well enough alone, so I mucked with it to come up with what I call “confetti rice” for lack of a better name. All I know is I like it and the youngling puts it in her “it doesn’t stink” category…a win-win, or close enough to one. We like this as a quick and easy side to either fried fish or with backed salmon. the briny-ness of the olives balances the fattiness of the fish and the savory-ness of the rice.


1 pkg vigo yellow rice

1/2 cup sliced salad green olives w/ pimento


Prepare rice according to package directions. Stir in olives and allow olives to warm to rice temperature and serve.

6 thoughts on “Confetti Rice

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