Menu Ideas week of May 19

Family visit & busy week, so I’ll be adapting on the fly – this is just a start-point. What are some of your favorite flex-on-the-fly meals? (Don’t you wish you could actually fly some weeks?) I have a few long-storage pantry items I can whip out at the last minute, like pasta, canned soups (some cheese soups make a good last minute sauce base), frozen veggies. Although, I have to admit, I’m in the mood for a trip to our local wing place. Healthy schmelthy – sometimes you have to whip out the newborn vamp and have a little fun.




Monday – Boneless country ribs and slow cooker green beans

Tuesday – white pizza and green salad

Wednesday – ranch enchilasagne v2.0

Thursday – Veggie burgers and sweet potato chips

Friday – fried chicken and onion rings


Good thoughts and best wishes to Pam and family over at Pablam! Congrats!


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