Spring and Summer Hours

May and June are shaping up to be pretty crazy. I have GOT to strike a better balance between family, writing, and blogging. Here is my best solution for the moment…


Blog posts will be weekends and Wednesdays, with Modern Oracle and RondaSnow.com getting priority, but I expect to keep up with menu ideas  and one other post here, too.

E-mail Tarot readings are still 24/7, no appointment needed and get priority over in-person appointments.
“Gift Exchange” special for email readings has been extended to the end of June…a reading is my gift to you, but if it helps you, I hope you’ll consider sending a gift to rondajsnow@gmail.com via https://www.paypal.com/be/webapps/mpp/send-money-online.
In-person readings, party entertainment, Mini Spa Home Visits * and holistic health work are all still available by appointment only in the Pittsburgh, PA area, but with a reduced number of appointments available mid May through mid June.

Please contact me with the form below if you are interested in Tarot Readings, Holistic health etc. Of course you are always welcome to visit Modern Oracle Tarot or RondaSnow.com for all the latest too.


*Mini Spa Home visits include a 7 card Tarot reading, aromatherapy “aura spray”, and your choice of either a Reiki chair session or Bead Meditation Tutorial



All readings, tutorials, Reiki, aromatherapy etc are for entertainment and personal enrichment / stress reduction only. Does not diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and is not intended to replace professional health care. Use at your own risk, no liability of any kind accepted.

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