One of the many scenes I liked in the books from the ‘verse of “Twilight” was the shift to a quieter energy, but ongoing activity when Bella was still human but at the Cullens’ house. They don’t sleep, so what do you DO with 24 hours a day?

That is another place where a vampish point of view can help with eating better…take a step outside of normal patterns.

Vampires are outside the normal rhythm. They can do stuff when we sleep. We can do stuff instead of eat. When she was really young, I tried to tell my daughter I liked to make things because I was a tinker-fairy. She didn’t buy it, but being a maker at heart, I do love my knitting, stitching and MAKEing stuff, even if it isn’t 3d printed or replica movie props and the like, like they do at Maker Faire. ┬áBut in any case, I have a tendency to get bored-hungry (bungry? At least it isn’t hangry) If I’m busy doing something I’m less likely to use my hands to stuff something sweet in my face. Or MAKE something sweet. Making something steps outside an eating pattern.

Not eating food at all, although not smart for humans, is also a vamp time saver. I wonder what it would be like to not have to eat. What would we humans do with all the time we’d save fixing food and washing dishes.

But it is a mind – trick for the ‘down times’ between meals if the the ‘bungry’ hits. Imagine what it would be like if you were never hungry? What if you only ate once a week, or every several days like the Cullens or some other conscientious vampire like Louis or Aiden? If you weren’t hungry and wasn’t going to be eating for several days, what would you do with this time now? Why not actually do that until it is time for your next meal or snack? We aren’t vampires…humans need to eat more often. Eating small amounts frequently through the day is a successful strategy for many people. Others, do better with three meals and a snack. “Grazing” gets a lot of people into weight trouble, and seems to be a particular sticking point for those with glycemic issues. It’s an attempt to keep an even blood sugar level, made worse if what you ‘graze’ on is high glycemic or sweet foods. It is a difficult cycle to break, but maybe, just maybe, thinking of what would a vampire do might just help you kill a few hours until mealtime instead of killing a candy bar or a bag of chips.


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All posts are food for thought only. Up to you whether you take it seriously or not. Use at your own risk. The blog has “vampire’ right in the name for goodness’ sake.


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  1. Reblogged this on Ronda Snow, Ph.D. and commented:
    “The Vampire Diet” is my blog where I play with recipes and menu ideas – plus ideas for maybe a book by the same name. The basic idea is to use fun and imagination to make changing to a healthier way of eating less stressful and more, well, fun. I call it “mental cosplay” for healthier eating. This is the latest post. Menu ideas for weekday dinners go up every Saturday or Sunday. I share some of my favorite foods here – some healthy, some not. Everything in moderation, you know.

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