Menu Ideas week of April 21 2014

It’s that twice annual ham leftover time of year again. I’m sticking with the old stand-bys, ham fried rice, and hammy mac n cheese. It’s good old egg salad sandwiches for lunch, and taDAH leftovers are history.

For a gourmet twist to egg salad, an old TV episode of ‘Epicurious’ suggested adding crumbled blue cheese. To save a few pennies, I’ll use blue cheese salad dressing in place of some of the mayo in egg salad for a similar (but no, not as good) effect.

Monday – Ham Fried Rice

Tuesday –  Wedding soup and garlic Parmesan breadsticks

Wednesday – Hammy mac n cheese w/ side of broccoli

Thursday – Cauliflower crust ricotta and onion quiche

Friday – Chicken nuggets with sweet potato chips


I don’t know if she’ll be posting many more menu plans as we get closer to the big event, but don’t forget to visit PaBlam for great photography, menu ideas, and updates (congrats you guys). Please visit the ‘real recipes‘ page for links to all my favorite recipe and food idea resources 🙂


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