Any thoughts on Coconut Oil?

I’ve been looking into the buzz about coconut oil in all its saturated glory (medium chain not long chain fats, which metabolizes differently  and is apparently the explanation why half the pacific rim isn’t dead from eating a coconut rich diet for the past, like, forever). Coconut oil is supposed to help everything from Alzheimers to acne, improve fat metabolism, prevent gingivitus and create world peace….well maybe not world peace. Part of me smells a rat…just another flash in the pan health food fad. But, given the population studies and how robustly healthy some tropical indiginous peoples are, it seems to warrent a look.

Got some to experiment with. Wasn’t the fancy organic, but the important thing is that it was NOT hydroginated. Hydroginated fats and trans fats will pretty much kill you. The cookies where I used it in place of butter turned out the same as always texturally, but seems to have a brighter, clearer and much much sweeter taste…it tastes more like pure sugar, not as caramel-ish as before – a down side to my tastes, since I do love caramel and that brown-sugar flavor of blondies. I can see where it would totally substitute for processed vegitable shortening in frosting, whoopie pies and so on. The clarity of the sugar taste would be a big plus in those situations, and the pure white color would make coloring the frosting a dream. My family doesn’t like the taste of coconut at all…but even they couldn’t detect any coconut flavor in the cookies. So that’s good news.

Tried it for some of its other mythic properties. As a hand moisturizer, it didn’t absorb quickly and did leave a greasy feel for a while. It would rock as a spot treatment for winter rash or small patches of mild eczema – nice for kids since it is mild, all natural and safe enough to eat.  Not that you’d want to. I’m still of two minds about the whole “oil drawing” thing for “detox” (I doubt it) and dental hygene (probably) Coconut oil would be a great alternative for those who want to avoid triclosan or sodium laural sulfate in commercial toothpastes. I’ve heard there are some cautions with using oil drawing (swishing oil like a mouthwash, and holding it in your mouth for 15 -20 minutes) – particularly with some kinds of dental work.  I haven’t tried drawing or tried it as a natural toothpaste yet, but there are some recipes on the internet, combining it with baking soda and peppermint oil. On it’s own is truely tasteless, and not a bad texture. It melts at body temperature and actually has kind of a silky feel in the mouth at that point, so trying oil drawing with this stuff wouldn’t be a gross as I would imagine other oils to be. I’ll let you know if I catch a kamakazee mood and try it.

Meanwhile, it totally cleared up this persistent dry patch I’ve had on my wrist all winter from washing dishes. Works better than Eucerin if you ask me.

Since it is oderless, I can see it having aromatherapy use, especially for very dry skin.

One thing is certain: coconut oil makes outstanding lip balm. I stirred a little stevia and vanilla extract into it, warmed it in the microwave, and stirred again until it was cool. Move over lip smackers.

Do any of you have experience cooking with coconut oil? What did you think? I mean from a food perspective…all healthy / not healthy debate aside, did it TASTE good and perform well? I’d love to know what you think…please comment away in the box below. Thanks 🙂



2 thoughts on “Any thoughts on Coconut Oil?

  1. I find it really useful for skin healing, fungal rashes and even cuts, grazes and small infections. Great for skin problems around nails. I tried pulling for a little while. not gross apart from 15 minutes being a really long time. I suspect it would help for gingivitis but as for its other miracles, it didn’t make an iota of difference to a sinus infection and it didn’t seem to change much else. I’d love to try eating more for other health benefits, but my husband is about to have a quadruple bypass, so perhaps now is not the time to experiment!

    • That makes sense that it wouldn’t do anything for a sinus infection. The lauric acid (the component studies have proven to be antimicrobial) doesn’t come in contact with the sinuses like it does the gums, so no chance for it to do it’s germ killing thing. It isn’t a systemic antibiotic, just a contact antimicrobial as I understand it. I’m with you, that its strong suit so far is skin care and as a substitute for shortening in cake frosting and whoopie pie filling

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