The Crock

Mmmmmm. Low carb comfort, that

Rantings of an Amateur Chef

Growing up as a kid, we were a Crock Pot family. Not the generic slow cooker, but the original Rival brand Crock Pot.

The slow cooker was originally invented as a device for making long cooking baked beans. After a short time on the market, Rival purchased the company that made it and created the Crock Pot brand. Originally without a removable stoneware pot, that feature was added several years after introduction. Thankfully! I could not imagine the fun that would be scrubbing that pot without being able to immerse it in water.

Photo Jul 01, 5 07 47 PM

This is just about the easiest recipe you will find. Throw everything into the pot and eight hours later you have delicious roast beast!

Photo Jul 01, 6 05 41 AM

A few simple ingredients.

Photo Jul 01, 5 01 05 PM

I decided to go with the shredded roast beef on bread but you could just as easily slice and serve.

Photo Jul 01, 5 07 41 PM

Savory and fantastic.

Roast Beef and Gravy

Prep Time:

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