Menu Ideas – 10 March 2014

Hubster’s run-in with the dentist changed things around last week, as did scheduling conflicts with (sigh) fish fry (mmm I can taste the crab cakes now). So a few things were moved to this week after last week turned into cheese pizza and soup-a-palooza. Not that I mind. Me an my healthy teeth like soup. A lot. So once more, with feeling….

Monday – Jamba-like-a

Tuesday – Ranch Enchilasagne

Wednesday – Pasta ToFauxjule (our version of fagiole type substance made with Tofu instead of ground meat)

Thursday – Falafel on whole wheat flatbread with peanutbutter/soy thai-ish sauce and cheaterpants cole slaw

Friday – Fish Fry (for real this time)


6 thoughts on “Menu Ideas – 10 March 2014

    • Me too…always look forward to when they have seafood bisque…local made and amazing 🙂 The haluski is pretty rocking. All that and fish too! How are you feeling? Do you all do the fish thing?

      • We used to eat one fish meal a week, but baby G isn’t a fan. I can’t even think about eating fish without wanting to vomit. Haha.

        He also doesn’t like eggs. However, I crave those. If I give in, I spend the next two hours curled on the couch wishing I were dead 😉

      • omg, you poor thing! At least it is only temporary, and you’ll be able to have all the eggs and fish you want later on. Next fish fry visit is in your honor, mama-to-be

      • Thank you! That’s the only thing getting me through. I can’t wait for the day I can have scrambled eggs again!

      • Hang in there…I don’t know what I would have done without eggs. If you are what you eat, Nicole was pretty much constructed of cheesy scrambled eggs and chaco tacos. Now, oddly enough, she won’t touch the things. Early burn out I suppose. Doing anything special for St. Patrick’s day? Just a batch of scones here is all

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