Menu Ideas 2 March 2014

The youngling has decided she wants to be a carnivore again. Have to hand it to her…she lasted longer than I thought she would. But I am totally holding us to having at least one meatless day per week, maybe more if I can manage it and the tofu supply holds out.

Monday – cauliflower crust cheese quiche (meatless)

Tuesday – chicken pot pie and bignets (Of course bignets – it’s Mardi Gras)

Wednesday – pasta faux-jule (I’m thinking about making it with the tofu, like from the taco recipe)

Thursday – jumbalikea

Friday – Fish Fry!


6 thoughts on “Menu Ideas 2 March 2014

    • Me either, really. Any excuse for bignets is a good one though. Chilly today – might have to shift gears and do eclairs instead – bake ’em instead of fry ’em. Wait…what? Not have fried dough…what am I saying 😉

      • TOTALLY counts. Here Mardi Gras is Pazcki Day…Polish Donuts. Mmmmm. Have to admit that we bailed totally on the bignets or eclairs either one. Day turned out busier than planned, and schmancy dough and frying wasn’t high on the agenda. Might have to make up for it this weekend instead 😉

      • I saw a recipe somewhere that just used Pillsbury biscuits for beignets. Maybe something easy like that??

      • Someone on Foodnetwork used frozen bread dough (or was it pizza crust dough?) once too, since there is yeast dough based bignet too, not just the choux recipe. LIke Doctor Who said “You’re Scottish – fry SOMETHING” 😉

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