Menu Ideas 23 Feb 2014

Well, we survived our week of being vegitarian. I had to remind my daughter (who suggested it in the first place) a few times…but she never complianed. Just said “oh yeah” and switched. By the same token, you would not believe the amount of cheese and yogurt they’ve eaten, or the look they gave me when I suggested beans and rice. I suspect it will be back to business as usual soon, although I always try to have a meatless meal each week anyway. I plan to bump that up. Plus instead of having hunk-o-meat as a main dish, will just use meat as an ingreadiant when we do indulge. Funny, the thing I’m craving is eggs and fish. Oh well, so much for that pulled pop pork recipe.

Monday – Veggie-ish Lasagne

Tueday – Tofu Tacos

Wednesday – Spaghetti

Thursday – Teribeanie Tofu

Friday – Pan fried Swai and sweet potato fries


4 thoughts on “Menu Ideas 23 Feb 2014

  1. I watched the last season of The Next Food Network Star or whatever it is, and there as a woman on there (who did not win) whose cooking style is ‘meat on the side’, which reminds me of what you’re talking about here. Instead of meat being the star, veggies are, and meat is used sparingly.

    • Was that the “Next Star” season with the “Pie Guy? I missed most of that. With the Olympics, I even missed the celebrity cook off. It’s the best compromise I can think of with all of our different needs, and their bean and veggie aversion. Why do I suddenly want great northern beans over cornbread like we had as kids all the time? Dad sliced onion on his, we put ketchup on ours…insane, but actually pretty healthy if you think about it. And meatless!

      • Yup, it was the season with the Pie Guy. That was the first season I caught in a long time, actually.

        I’d love some beans and cornbread. Yum! I’ve been wanting to make redbeans and rice lately. I guess I’ll put something like that on my next week’s menu plan…

      • You are the first person who knows beans and cornbread. Usually when I mention it, people look at me like I have three heads. I totally have to make it now. 😀

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