Menu Ideas week of Feb 17

After my daughter showed me this, the most poignant and heart-rending thing I think I’ve ever seen, we’re going meatless this week – at least. Sorry chickens…I still need eggs. Thanks for sharing.

Chipotle – The Scarecrow (

Monday – Green Dinner Salad

Tuesday – Tofu and green bean fried rice

Wednesday – Boca Burgers and sweet potato fries

Thursday – broccoli quiche

Friday – Southwestern Squash Soup with olive oil muffins


Welcome back Food Allergy Experience menu ideas, and as always, keep an eye on PaBlam and Omnomalicoius for the yums!


2 thoughts on “Menu Ideas week of Feb 17

  1. I saw that ‘the scarecrow’ video before and it made me want to give up meat, too… but that only lasted a bit. I’m such an awful person…. at least your menu sounds delicious!

    • Same here. I blame it on summers on Grandad’s farm (the southern, Scotts-Irish one, not the German / PA Dutch one). They treated their animals very well, and the eggs…oh the eggs. Corn fed, free range…before anybody knew or cared what that meant. So much better than the mass produced store-bought ones. I’ve been a nothing-with-a-face vegitarian off and on, especially during my more Buddhist minded martial arts days, but it usually ended with crazed bacon double cheeseburger feeding frenzy. Ah well, such is the nature of an omnivore. Feeds into the vampire paradigm – pun intended.

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