Menu Ideas – 24 Jan 2014 – The Carnivore revolt

The rest of the family is in major carnivore mode. I kind of have a taste for a bucket of wings myself. That’s another thing that makes the concept of the ‘vampire diet’ interesting to me. Part of me wants to be vegan. I can totally see the spiritual motivation for it. It’d be nice to think that I was living without killing. I could go all karma-Buddhist on it. I’ve tried in the past. But after a while my eyes went black, the fangs snicked down and I ate a bucket of fried chicken – or at least a bacon cheeseburger. I allowed it to happen. I could have resisted, in the vampire tradition of Louis, Edward and Aiden, difficult as it would have been . Call it my evil monster side, but I’m not entirely convinced veganism is the right thing to do…but that is a whole other rant. All that has to do with this week’s menu ideas is I’m skipping the meatless thing this week. Maybe it’s the weather. When it’s so easily available, how do you say no to reasonable albeit meat containing comfort food requests from the family? Brush you fangs, folks. I suggest any chickens or turkeys reading this put on your running shoes.

Monday – spaghetti and (ground turkey) meatballs

Tuesday – Chicken and Dumplings

Wednesday – pasta faux-jule (padawan request)

Thursay – fajita – ish chicken wraps with wasaquacinnaise

Friday – pan-fried swai with sweet potato fries


2 thoughts on “Menu Ideas – 24 Jan 2014 – The Carnivore revolt

  1. I’ve often flirted with the idea of at least vegetarianism, but I don’t feel strong enough about it to give up meat forever. I think you and I do better than most, having at least one meatless meal most weeks… so, we’re cutting back but not giving up. Moderation and all that.

    • I totally agree. I’m still in awe of my friend, the Vampirette’s, persistance in the total vegan thing. It’s not the right choice for women of my age on blood thinners, but maybe I’ll take another run at it later on. Or not. I do like fried chicken 😀

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