Mama 1, Padawan 1meatless dinner

Boca Burgers are the sneakiest vegetable yet.

I don’t get any compensation for the fan girl raves on here on the blog, but I still have to shine the old flashlight on Boca Burgers. Of all the soy / veggie burgers commercially on the market, their “flame grilled” variety is my hands-down favorite. Tastes better to me than McArches or Burger Monarch or any of those kinds of places. The health benefits go without saying. But I knew it wasn’t just me when the teenage padawan learner powered a couple down without batting an eyelash at the potential for sneaky veggies…even when I served them on multigrain english muffins instead of white bread hamburger buns. Melt a slice of american on there, squirt of ketchup, mustard and dill relish…kid was none the wiser. And, since they were on sale this week, she was a whole box none the wiser for less than a pound of hamburger.

So flashlight on high beams for Boca Burgers flame grilled veggie patties.


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