Doh! Menu Ideas week of Jan 6 2014

Just realized it’s Tuesday. Seriously.

It’s been such an off – scheule holiday in all the best ways I didn’t realize what day it was. Have been blowing off blogging left and right for Elfcon – 1, and it just didnt’ dawn on me to get back to the usual pattern of doing things.

School is closed because of the weather (-9 with -25 windchill? Bah! Why I remember back in the winter of ’94 when it was actually -22, none of this new-fangled wind chilly stuff *said in my best ‘old coot’ voice*).

But it is still really damn cold out there, so am focusing on comfort foods, or at least some favorite foods this week:

Monday – chicken noodle soup and canned crescent rolls (not healthy, but a youngling favorite after having them at Grandma’s house)

Tuesday – Meatloaf and Oven roasted cauliflower

Wednesday – pasta fauxjule

Thursday –  chicken fried rice and velvet corn soup

Friday – breaded cod, cole slaw and home fries


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