Nutella, Cookies and the Winter Solstice


I’m a huge fan of Debora Geary’s Witch Central books. I could, and have, written whole posts about her books, if not here, over on Modern Oracle Tarot. Just bought her latest release as a Solstice treat for myself. There is still part of me that wants to concoct a real life version of the infamous Nutella cookies that Nell makes in almost every book. They are essential magic fuel. Good cookies usually are, even in real-life.

One problem: I’ve sworn off Nutella. I don’t like milk chocolate. It’s dark or nothing for my taste buds. Nutella has skim milk in it, giving it that gaaak factor that all milk chocolate carries. Plus it is loaded with sugar. Plus I’ve found something that I like better…with more fiber, more protein and half the sugar. I’m as head over heels for Peanut Butter and Company’s Dark Chocolate Dreams. It is our new Nutella…cookies and all. If you like milk chocolate better than dark, then Nutella is a wonderful product…it’s sweetness makes it perfect for things like cookies. So if I say Nutella cookies, Dark Chocolate Dream is what I really mean.  Hurray for diversity! Bravo for choices! I love that I can make a ‘nutella’ cookie that is more to my taste (though the hubster and the padawan will snarf either one down with equal glee)

Yesterday, I made “cream cheese cutouts” from the Better Homes and Gardens (the one with the classic red and white cover). I rolled them thin, and (a la Alton Brown in “Good Eats: The Cookie Clause”) used confectioners sugar in place of flour on the counter when rolling them out…they get really crispy that way. I know, I know…we usually prefer a soft, chewy cookie, but wanted to try something new for the holidays.

I just cut rounds, to keep it easy, but next time am going to use my holiday cookie cutters. Snowmen, bells, stars etc would work well.

After the cookies were cool, put a small schmear of Dark Chocolate Dream in between two and ta DAH…”Nutella” cookies…sort of.

Whatever you call them, they are tasty, especially with a cup of coffee while reading the latest book in the series…

Happy Winter Solstice and a Merry Festivus to all đŸ™‚



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