Standing Down from Elfcon 1 – Menu Ideas

Cards – mailed. Packages – mailed. Tree – up. Cookies – baked (at least this batch) NOW I can kick back and enjoy. That’s the up side to having family scattered across three time zones…get togethers tend to be more summer, travel-and-schedule friendly affairs. So Yuletide by mail forces me to get things done early enough that the actual holiday days are cozy, home time. All I need to do now is the usual weekly grocery run and putz in the kitchen.

However you celebrate, whatever you celebrate, may you have a happy, healthy, safe, fun and abundance-filled Holiday and New Year!

Monday – spaghetti with garlic bread

Tuesday – Pumpkin Soup and cornbread

Wednesday – Baked glazed ham, potato smash, green bean casserole, cranberry cheesecake bars

Thursday – Ham quiche and side salad

Friday – spring rolls and velvet corn soup

(Watch this space for recipes coming up over the next couple of weeks)


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