Menu Ideas week of 2 Dec 2013

Just a handfull of turkey bits left. Cheesecake bars with cranberry was a big hit. Next time, am tweeking up the recipe even more. Will let you know how that experiment goes.

Monday – turkey fried rice (bumped from yesterday – last of the leftovers Yay!)

Tuesday – green chili and cornbread (meatless)

Wednesday – Teribeenie Tofu (also meatless, going light this week to make up for weekend feasting)

Thursday – Meatloaf and carrots with herbs and butter.

Friday – pan fried swai with sweet potato fries.


Don’t forget to visit PaBlam and The Food Allergy Experience for more yummy menu ideas ­čÖé


2 thoughts on “Menu Ideas week of 2 Dec 2013

  1. I still have enough for another night of leftovers along with a thing of stock and turkey in the freezer for another night of soup down the road. How did you use all your leftovers already? Hahahaha.

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