I loved all the Doctor Who-ness lately. When I wasn’t glued to the TV, the weekend was taking more turns than the time vortex…so all I made was batch of rice krispi treats with blue food coloring in the marshmallow…”TARDIS treats” was as close as we got to any sort of Who-food…but only because the Padawan put the kibash on fish fingers and custard.

“Never cruel. Never cowardly. Never give in. Never give up” – Doctor Who


4 thoughts on “Geronimo!

  1. Trinity does NOT understand why one would eat custard with fish fingers… of course she’s thinking of the frozen custard she gets at Rita’s.

    • I can see where Ritas on fish sounds gross…luckily in England it is more like vanilla pudding. Reminds me of those school lunch days as a kid when they served fish sticks, with pudding as dessert. In that context, I totally get the fish fingers and custard thing. Saw some really cute variations online though…they cut pound cake in the shape of the ‘fish fingers’ from the Doctor Who episode, coated them in in vanilla cookie crumbs to make it look like fish sticks, then drizzled vanilla pudding on them. Sounds tasty!

      • Yeah, I explained the difference to her. Other cultures are hard for kids to understand right away sometimes, haha.

        That pound cake with vanilla pudding sounds amazing!

      • True. I had to tell Nicole too. That’s one good thing about watching BBC america, being around marital arts, and going to pre-school at the Jewish Community Center – Nicole has way more cultural saavy than I did at her age, which makes me pretty happy. The cake and pudding does sound tasty, regeneration munchies or not. Reminds me a little of the poke cake Kelli was talking about on her blog. Good thing Thanksgiving is tomorrow – all this cake talk is giving me a taste for that pumpkin cake (“bars” according to the recipe…sorry Paula, it’s a cake). I hope you feel up to eating some yums, and that you Daniel, Trinity and #2 have a great Holiday! 😀

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