Menu Ideas Week of 18 Nov. 2013

Doctor Who week! Yes, Saturday I plan to make fish fingers and custard. Or at least custard. Or SOMETHING vaguely Doctor Who related – not sure what yet. You can bet it won’t be yogurt – that’s just stuff, with bits. I might have to fry something. Google ‘Doctor Who Foods’ and it will give you several pinterest lists with some really cool ideas.  I still might have to fry some fish and have flan for dessert.

Monday – Spinach Feta Pizza on whole wheat crust (meatless)

Tuesday – Beef mushroom fajita

Wednesday – Meatballs on polenta w/ side salad

Thursday – Tuna Salad Pita

Friday – Pot Roast with root veggies


For more menu ideas visit PaBlam! And the Food Allergy Experience, or visit the links on the “Real Recipes” to see my treasure trove of online recipe resources.


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