Food Flashlight – Carbanara’s

Occasionally, on Modern Oracle or my other website, I’ll do posts reviewing books or products or some general geeky cool thing that has crossed my path. I don’t get paid for any of it, except the two things I reviewed for ‘BzzAgent’…I just got a free sample and some coupons for those. For lack of a better title, I call those posts “Flashlight” now – shining a little light on something I like. Nothing fancy, no big spotlight, not just books on a shelf…so “Flashlight” it is.

Here, I’d like to start “Food Flashlight” posts. These are totally sponaneous fan girl rants about Pittsburgh eating that we’ve tried and liked. It might be more than just food, but I do love good food, so that will probably be involved to some extent or another – the cup of coffee I’m sipping while I write it if nothing else. Food Flashlight is totally spontaneous unpaid fan rants – no samples, coupons or anything.

Today we had lunch at Carbarnara Ristorante in Mount Lebanon, just south of Pittsburgh. Part of a retail development with an ordinary storefront, we weren’t sure what to expect. Inside, it was cozy, not at all modern, with the Steelers game playing on the TV over the bar. It’s was a very ‘burgh look, very old school, that hinted at fantastic food. Sometimes you find the best food in little family owned hole-in-the-wall places around here. The food was hearty, family friendly and didn’t disappoint. Totally no-nonsense. Service was fast. And the coffee was so good that I didn’t even put creamer in it. For anything this side of Starbucks, that is saying something. Soup was there in a blink. Today was a rich, flavorful wedding soup. The broth was the real deal, with flavor and body – definitely not like the canned stuff I use at home. The little meatballs were well seasoned, rustic and definitely looked house made.

The prices were mid-range…a bit more than what I expected from the appearance of the place, …sort of on a par with a Houlihans or something like that. On the other hand, the food was delicious. The bacon in my carbonara (how could I resist getting that when the place is named Carbonara’s? It has to be good if they name the restaurant after it, right?). The bacon was cooked perfectly…lean, crispy, no soft or wiggly bits like you find in so many other places. The egg and cheese made a creamy sauce that coated the spaghetti. A shake of Parmesan and YUM.

Carbonara’s was a tasty surprise with food quality that outpaced their appearance.

Did I mention the bacon? 😉

Flashlight on for the food, but dimmed a little for the prices and ambiance.


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