Panko Substitute

Decided to make cheesy cauliflower patties last evening, and opened the cupboard to discover I’d forgotten to buy panko crumbs – again.

Regular bread crumbs just don’t quite cut it for the taste and texture in this recipe. I like panko much better. When I remember to pick them up, that is.

I did have some saltine crackers on hand – the Padawan learner likes peanut butter or cheese crackers as a bedtime snack, and even the white flour version is a better alternative to sweets, if you ask me. In any case, put about 24 of those in the food processor and buzzed them up before adding the cauliflower and other ingredients for the patties.

Turns out, I liked this even better than the panko. It had a slightly more robust flavor, and a firmer mouth feel. With the salt on the crackers, no add salt with the other seasoning.

It’s old school, but I may just use saltine crumbs in place of panko, especially since it was not an ingredient I use very often anyway.


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