Halloween Feast 2013

The youngling is now a full on Padawan learner, and made her own batch of Cocoa Scrunchies yesterday. ANYthing chocolate is a good match for Halloween in my book. We are breaking out the old favorite “Pumpkin Puke Soup” which is also what my daughter calls Southwest Squash soup because she says it looks like a pumpkin threw up in the bowl. She’s right, of course, but thankfully it tastes better than it looks.

I usually make a batch of Witch Central cookies in bat shapes a la Lilly Munster, but the fam isn’t interested this year. Going with a zombie theme this time around and making a batch of “brain cakes” instead.

Other past feast options have been fried chicken drumsticks (like you see Ron Weasly often eating in the early Harry Potter movies), “Blood Pudding” (strawberry cobbler) and “Frankenfingers“.

Halloween is the one of those holidays where I roll with it, admit utter defeat, and give in to the red-eyed “newborn” vampire.  Everybody can just eat whatever they want, the “food rules” suspended for a few hours, but at least with the soup, fingers and fruit, SOME of the fun has SOME redemptive value.

But when you get right down too it – chocolate. Why? Chocolate. Because – chocolate.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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