Counting by Proxy


Dieting sucks.

Have I ever mentioned that?

I’m pretty happy with my basic plan, and given the last batch of blood work, it seems to be working out ok….

  • Avoid all artificial sweeteners
  • Avoid high fructose corn syrup and preservatives as much as reasonably possible
  • Eat as low on the glycemic index as possible with each food choice
  • Eat as whole an unprocessed as possible at any given meal
  • Try to keep each meal or snack at or below 30 g net carbs (total carb minus fiber)

My husband, is a  triathlete. He did the Mountaineer Olympic Distance in Morgantown – w/ modified swim due to river conditions – in 2 hours, 10 minutes. The only thing I do for that long of a time in a row is sleep.  But he is using some sort of smart phone app to track his exercise and count calories. I honestly don’t know how he stands it. It is making me nuts by proxy…how can anyone count calories successfully, even with an app, without a heavy dose of obsessive-compulsive disorder to go with it?? I’ve taken to emailing him my recipe for dinner so he can do all of his conversion calculations so he can track home cooked meals…which is pretty much what we have all the time. At least he can stop giving me the third degree about every little ingredient in every little thing we ate. It was driving me to ice cream. Clearly, he’s a better human than I am when it comes to food and dieting.

More power to him. If it works, and he’s happy with it – I’ll send him all the ingredient lists he wants. But I’ve learned one thing counting calories by proxy – I will never, never EVER do that myself. Not without a steaming hot cup of prozac for dessert.

For an eating change to be successful, you have to be able to live happily ever after with your diet. Otherwise, dieting really sucks.


4 thoughts on “Counting by Proxy

  1. I don’t know how your husband does it. I’ve tried it before and failed miserably, instead I have done much better just eating right (as few bad things as possible), with the occasional treat for being good, exercising for at least 30 minutes 5-6 days per week and not counting any calories. I’ve gotten my type 2 diabetes under control and lost about 50 pounds since the middle of January doing this. I can say with confidence that if I counted calories I would have failed a long time ago. I sympathize with you on this one. Great post, I really enjoyed it.

    • I dunno how he does it either – the man is a paragon of self-discipline and a master of that iphone app. Being Wile E Coyote, computer genius, he has a natural affinity for numbers, and logic, and order. My style of gestalt big pictures and rules-of-thumb are just as maddening to him, no doubt. Goes to show, opposites do attract, at least in some respects.

      Health and Healing really is a matter of long term lifestyle. “Diet” has to be something you can live with. Thanks for reminding all us foodies that eating well can have a much more profound and important impact than just happy taste buds…though that is a good thing too 🙂

  2. I’ve been counting calories on and off for 3 years. I have one day a week as a free day, but yeah. It’s pretty hard to do at first, but now it’s weird for me not too. Of course, I often times think I have OCD.

    I’m just hoping that it’ll start to pay off now. Remember my doctor BS from last year? I was diagnosed this week with PCOS…. I’m waiting for blood labs to come back, but I should be starting metformin soon for insulin issues… so hopefully I’ll start dropping.

    Also, I have this thing called a Fitbit that totally tracks every step I take every day. I have goals and I go crazy if I don’t meet them. I thin your husband and I have similar brain chemistry 😉

    • You and Jon both have my total free-forming, rule-of-thumb ridden respect! I couldn’t do it. Fitbit seems pretty cool…he’s experimented with a few, but I think he may have settled on it too.

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