Menu Ideas week of 30 Sept. 2013


Even though the weather has been perfect lately, am still going with a hot and hearty menu theme this week. When I got to the store last week, they were fresh out of spaghetti squash ūüė¶ so had to make some menu adjustments on the fly…and am having some repetitions this week because of it. ¬†Am having cornbread no matter what. Must. have. cornbread.


Monday – Baked spaghetti squash

Tuesday – Beef & Barley Stew

Wednesday – pasta faux-jule with cucumber side salad

Thursday – Lentil and rice vegetarian “chili” over cornbread (meatless)

Friday – (say it with me) fish and fries (tajin breaded catfish and frozen waffle fries as a treat)


2 thoughts on “Menu Ideas week of 30 Sept. 2013

  1. I found some Tajin at a hispanic shop at the farmer’s market complex in Delaware. It’s amazing. I’ll have to add it to my fish breading next time I make breaded fish, haha. I like it just on baked chicken.

    • Oh yeah…awesome on baked chicken! Have you tried it on fresh fruit yet? I suggest starting either with some late season peaches or some mango. Or cantaloupe. Or bananas. I’ve never seen Nicole power down fish like she does with this stuff. I scored some on-sale swai, tossed some plain breadcrumbs, flour, salt, garlic powder and tajin together – dredged the fillets in it and pan-fried it in a little canola oil about 4-5 min per side until 170 degrees inside and crispy & light brown outside. Yum! Hurray Tajin!

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