Mad Lab

I like experimenting with food. Before that usually meant watching what grew on the leftovers shoved to the back of the ‘fridge. Now it extends to living creatures…at least in the form of yogurt culture.

Tried crock pot yogurt again. It turned out thicker this time. Invested a dollar on some cheesecloth. Might get brave and try to strain one container to see if I can get a more factory-made or even greek-like texture.

There are plenty of recipes on the webbernet if you want to give it a try too. It’s so easy, I didn’t even bookmark one much less write one down. Basically you chuck a half gallon of milk into your crock pot, and warm it slowly on low until it hits 170 deg F, but not boiling. While that is going on, bring a cup (or one of those grocery store plastic 5 oz “cups”) of yogurt with live active cultures to room temperature. Turn off the crock pot, unplug it just to be safe and let it sit until milk is about 120 deg F. Spoon a cup of the warm milk into a small bowl and whisk it together with the yogurt. Stir the milk-yogurt mixture into the crock pot. Wrap the entire unplugged crock pot in a couple of blankets and let it sit 8 hours or overnight. Stir gently, spoon into very clean containers and refrigerate.

It pays to know how to do stuff tho…got two 24oz ¬†and a 16 oz smoothie’s worth of soft plain yogurt for about $3.20. Even if it strains down to just one container, I’m a dollar ahead – if I use it as – is to make some fro-yo, I’m Waaaaayyyyyy ahead.

Some days it pays to approach cooking kind of like a mad scientist




*Image found with google search using terms “public domain”. Scene from one of my favorite movies “Better Off Dead” starring John Cusack.

2 thoughts on “Mad Lab

  1. ‘webbernet’ is the best word ever. I’ve never heard it. I usually say ‘interwebs’.

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