Ok, I’m a Newborn Vegan Vampire. Now What?

Ok, I’m a “new born” vegan/vegetarian vampire – now what?

Well, there is no easy answer to this question since it all depends on how you “got bit”. What I really mean to say is “why” did you became a vegan/vegetarian?
Some people do it for health reasons.  Maybe you have been diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, or high cholesterol. Maybe you have a close family member or friend that had a health scare or something worse like a heart attack that has prompted you to become motivated to make some lifestyle changes.
Some people do it like me because they no longer want to tithe to industries that participate in animal cruelty with no regard to it’s impact on our planet and other factors.  Some people fall into it because someone close to you happens to cook the meals for you and/or your family and while you may not be eating a purely plant-based diet 100%  of the time, I personally feel it’s better to walk the line between omnivore and herbivore verses eating animal food products every single day.
Whatever your reasons for eating more plant-based foods are and regardless of what stage you are at, it helps to be prepared for the consequences of your choice. One of the negative consequences involves the impact on the people closest to you.  You may find most to be supportive but don’t be surprised to find family or friends who may not understand why you have made the choice away from consuming animal products.  They may exhibit the signs of grief (denial, anger, bargaining, depression) because if you stop and think about it, there’s a part of your personality that has died when you make such a big life change from being an omnivore. So just like the recovering alcoholic or addict, expect to possibly become estranged from family or friends closest to you.  Try and be patient and give them time to grieve. Maybe one day they will understand but maybe not. My advice: let them figure it our in their own time and on their terms but ultimately stay true to yourself and your beliefs. If you find yourself trying to defend your choices all the time you are around them, take a step back and give both you and them some space to adjust and decide if the relationship will withstand your transformation. Note that I’m not married so I really can’t speak on how to handle making this lifestyle choice when you have a spouse and children to consider.  If you check out other vegan blogs, I know this topic is addressed. I would suggest going to Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s website for info on how to handle being a “new vegan”  in public situations as well as dealing with personal impacts.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colleen_Patrick-Goudreau
There are many positive consequences to making this lifestyle choice: having a lifestyle that is more compassionate towards animals and the environment, improved health (make sure you do your homework first though…some folks turn to “prepared food” and junk food without spending the time to eat meals that contain fresh plant-based ingredients that contain high levels of nutrients and become fatigued or don’t feel well). Oh yeah….be prepared to become a better cook and expect to factor in time for cooking because lemme tell ya, it takes a bigger chunk out of your daily routine than you would initially think (guess that would be in the negative category if you aren’t interested in being a better cook and your time is tight).
Well, whatever stage you are at regarding your diet choice, please try to be conscious on what you are eating regardless of whether it’s plant or animal-based. While it’s easy to act like an “vampire” and just kill randomly because you are thirsty without thinking about who’s blood you are sucking, consider being a “conscious” vampire and choose your prey with thought and careful consideration. I used to watch a show called “Moonlight” and it was about a vampire private investigator that killed bad guys and wouldn’t hunt women, children or innocents. I primarily watched it because I had enjoyed watching Alex O’Loughlin (total hottie) but liked the show’s plot too.   Well enough of my rambling for now..thanks for taking the time to read my post.  My dear friend has been so kind as to allow me to post on her blog – I am very honored!
Until next time….Namaste – The Vegan Vampirette

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