Bean Crunchitos

Was brainstorming what to make to eat when my vegan friend came to visit. Was watching a commercial for a fast food chain when it dawned on me…she eats healthy all the time. This meal can be FUN. Being vegan, it was healthy too…but shhhhh! We won’t think about that part.

Home made whole wheat flour tortillas (recipe HERE or a purchased version made without lard)

Whole grain crunch taco shells (these were made with just corn meal and vegetable oil according to the lable)

Refried beans (canned or your own recipe) – heated. If using canned, be sure to read the label to avoid some recipes that use animal fats)

baby spinach (wash and pat or spin dry)

vegan cream cheese substitute (this was onion and chive flavored)… OR for the omnivores – go for it with either some real cream cheese, or a nice thick sour cream onion dip)

Salsa (jar or your own recipe)


For each “crunchito”: spread a layer of cream cheese substitute on a whole wheat tortilla. Wrap it gently around the corn taco shell…taking care not to break the corn shell. Fill with a few spoonfuls of refried beans. Top with baby spinach and salsa.

Just to show I was paying a tiny bit of attention:

The whole grain of the tortillas and taco shells combined with the beans provide essential amino acids and are functionally a complete protein as I understand it.

The whole grain tortilla and taco shells reduces the glycemic index and glycemic load of this version compared to regular white flour tortillas and other taco shells.

Avoiding lard containing beans and tortillas avoids cholesterol, and makes this a healthier version from a lipid perspective as well.

Best of all the seasoning in the refritos and salsa make for a tasty dish overall, so you never notice the few simple substitutions.




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