Shout out to the Vegan Vampirette

Ever have one of those Thelma and Louise kind of friends who you road trip with, go to jail with, bail out – or eat vegan with? I do. I love love love the way my friend Di is never afraid to try new things. She is just fearless about doing whatever it takes to live well, and live a better life. She’s been vegan for well over a year now. Impresses the heck out of me. I can barely keep myself out of the Ben & Jerry’s, and here she is, changing her entire eating lifestyle.

Palettes are adaptable things, fortunately. We are both starting to actually enjoy our new diets (low-glycemic index/ vitamin K controlled for me, vegan for her). Since 1/2 cup of chopped broccoli has more vitamin K than I can have in a day (sounds crazy, I know, but I’m working with my doctor, this is real, and has to do with a wonky weird genetic blood disorder thing) eating out is a challenge for both of us, especially if we are trying to find a place with options for both of us at the same time.

We both found diet friendly and tasty common ground for both the vegan and the veggie-avoider: Loving Hut in Robinson Township (near Pittsburgh PA) – the food that created this meeting-of-opposites miracle? Tofu. Don’t harsh on the tofu.

Soybean oil is polluted with Vitamin K – that’s why we folks on warfarin (coumadin and other brands) have to be careful about mayonnaise and salad dressings which are commonly made with soybean oil. Through the process that makes tofu the part containing the K is removed so I can feast on heaps of tofu while my vegan friend can feast on her greens.

If anyone can do genius things with tofu, mushrooms and other k-friendly veggies it appears to be  Loving Hut. Who knew chickenless chicken could taste so good. When I first saw the hot Asian style pepper flakes, I thought that was going to be the flavor, and that’s it. Not so. There was an almost buttery  flavor underneath too. Without oils and meat in the meal, the sweet notes of the brown rice could shine right through. The carnivore is impressed.

What really impressed me was the dessert case – taboo for the low-glycemic set, I’ll grant you, but it was eye candy too. Sure Loving Hut had a pleasant atmosphere, friendly and knowledgeable staff, easy access, good parking, affordable prices and all that other stuff you would want to say in a restaurant review…but my goodness, the dessert case. They even had red velvet cake.  And chocolate cake, and the most mouth-watering looking white cake I’ve ever seen. Ever. How in the name of the laws of physics they can do that without milk, eggs or butter I’ll never know. Elfin magic in a hollow tree is my best guess.

So here is to Loving Hut for working their magic and putting tastiness where a meat-eater would least expected. Omnivores – you can eat here without fear. It’ll make your mouth happy.

And here is to the Vegan Vampirette for being, well, vegan. You are a better nosferatu than I 😉


One thought on “Shout out to the Vegan Vampirette

  1. Reblogged this on Ronda Snow, Ph.D. and commented:
    Vegan eating is healthy, if you go about it the right way. It isn’t for everyone, I’ll grant you. All health aside, it CAN just plain taste good. Enjoyment has it’s place…if you enjoy your healthy way of eating you are more likely to stay with it over the long term.

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