Food Crush – Old Bay Seasoning

“Food Crush” is a series of posts about some of my all-time favorite food items and ingredients. It’s just my uncompensated fan-girl opinion. Although if any of these companies really really wanted to send samples, coupons, or lifetime access to the yumminess, I don’t know that I’d turn it down.


Today: Old Bay Seasoning.

Why I’m just now discovering this stuff is beyond me. So simple, so just-right.

A friend recently told me that Old Bay is her favorite sprinkle on popcorn. It was a revelation. Who know you could do anything with it besides boil a crab? It’s kind of ironic, since I don’t like heat or spice with crab or lobster…just butter, and lots of it. Or mayo, like Maine lobster rolls. Turns out that Old Bay is good on everything else, though.

I know…it is basically celery salt, cayenne pepper and some other stuff. But what amazes me is how well the level of heat suits my personal taste. The proportion of heat to savory to salty is just perfect to my taste, and isn’t easy to replicate trying to re-create it myself. Especially for an add-on sprinkle. It is an easy way to add some spice at the table for my husband and myself, since youngling is not a fan of spice – yet.

Here are some of my fave ways to use Old Bay

  • roasted chickpeas. Thanks to Love + Cupcakes for that idea!
  • sprinkled on popcorn (thanks Veronica)
  • home made soups – chicken noodle, red pepper pot
  • wasaguacinnaise
  • bbq sauce
  • fried chicken
  • tuna salad


for more recipes, of course there is the source itself,



2 thoughts on “Food Crush – Old Bay Seasoning

  1. Great ideas, I’ve only ever used it to boil crab as well. I never thought of using it for anything else, I’ll have to give some of these a try. Thanks.

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