Menu Ideas week of 20 May 2013

Monday – Pasta Faux-jule

Tuesday – portabella mushroom soup

Wednesday – Breakfast for dinner – buttermilk pancakes and bacon

Thursday – Cauliflower Cheese Patties

Friday – Salmon with lemon dill sauce


Coming soon: new series of posts “Food Crush”


11 thoughts on “Menu Ideas week of 20 May 2013

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  2. I’m making the cauliflower patties this week, too 😉 I’m totally looking forward to the food crush series!

    • OH OH OH! I think I figured out why you needed so many bread crumbs! You boiled the cauliflower, right? Cauliflower soaks up SO MUCH WATER. So you have to squeeze it in a cheesecloth or something. I’m actually going to roast mine so it doesn’t soak up water… and the delicious roasted flavor will add a bit of depth of flavor 😉

      • You are so right!! I was using frozen, which tends to get watery anyway. I let it sit in the strainer for several minutes after it was cooked, but you’re right, that wouldn’t be enough. A squeeze with cheesecloth should do the trick next time. Am looking forward to giving it a try with panko instead of the other itty bitty can-o-crumbs too. Do you ever roast frozen? How long do you roast yours, either way? I’d make them tonight but Nicole is so ready for “breakfast for dinner” she’s been wanting bacon for days.

      • I’ve never roasted frozen, but I do my fresh at 425F for 20-30 minutes. I guess it would be worth a try with the frozen, though!!

        Brinner sounds delicious. Trinity isn’t really big on breakfast foods except bacon and waffles/pancakes. So, it’s hard to do brinner in these parts. I always want to make crazy yummy stuff I find on the interwebs, but she’d complain :/

      • Ahh, cooking for younglings. It’s a challenge. Nicole is the same way about breakfast-for-dinner. Real traditionalist…not one for fritata or any of that fun bruch stuff.

        I wonder what steaming would do with the cauliflower. That might be my next experiment. It’s out defrosting, then I can give it a quick steam to soften it without quite as much waterlogging. I just can’t make myself shell out for the fresh when I already have several packages of on-sale frozen on hand.

      • So… the cauliflower thing was a fail, kinda. I roasted it and then added 1 egg and a 1/4 cup of panko. It fell apart when I tried to flip the patties. I think because the cauliflower was dry and it was a large head, I should’ve used two eggs. Oh well. Next time!

        When they fell apart, I panicked, wondering what I could do. I ended up just mixing in some BBQ sauce and calling it cauliflower sloppy joes. Delicious!

      • Well that some pretty tasty problem solving on the fly! You could make that into an “on purpose” thing 🙂

        That’s the down-side to the original recipe that Jon gave me…it only said a “head” of cauliflower. Was staring at the pile of fresh cauliflower at the store today…a “head” could mean a lot of things. So I’m sticking with the 1 pound bags of frozen, two eggs, and the full cup of panko and cheese. It really really needs that much binder, even with the little smoosh in the cheesecloth to dry it out. Am thinking of going back to cheddar and upping the cheese to 2 cups, just because, well, CHEESE! Am also thinking that will help give it a stronger crust outside, while keeping it creamy inside. It is like making potato cakes…you have to leave the first side go until it is totally browned, then give it the gentle flip.

        I’m hooked on the things…especially on a toasted English Muffin with (big surprise here) a dollop of plain greek yogurt on top. Leftovers keep well in the fridge and make a good lunch.

        It that doesn’t work, there is always BBQ sauce

      • I’m definitely going to be giving it another go with two eggs 😉

      • It’s the best thing, haha. I’ll definitely let you know when I try it again.

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