Menu Ideas for the week of 12 May 2013


Happy Mother’s Day to all of you U.S.A maternal types! Hubster, youngling and I are hopefully going to hit the pool and grab some sort of food on the way home. I’m fond of low-key, and love to let my daughter pick the restaurant…it’s always a surprise what she’ll come up with. Then Monday it’s back to domestic engineering a dinner every night. I was running low on ideas, and went to some of my favorite go-to sources for menu ideas and recipes: PaBlam!, Omnomalicious,,, the food allergy experience and Love, Harmony, Peace


Monday – Cauliflower patty on Hawaiian bun (meatless)

Tuesday – Pink Chili

Wednesday – Crock Pot Orange chicken

Thursday – Pasta Carbonara

Friday – Salmon with dill sauce,  tossed salad

I haven’t tried the cauliflower patties yet…but they seem easy, and if I serve them on a bun like a veggie burger, the youngling just might accidentally give them a try. Crock pot recipes are always  great on a busy day, and the chili is fast and tasty. Hopefully these will give a little help to all of you busy moms out there!


3 thoughts on “Menu Ideas for the week of 12 May 2013

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  2. Thanks for the linkage 😀 Your menu sounds amazing, as always. Let me know how the cauliflower patties go!

    • lol…Nicole actually ate most of one before it sunk in what it was. Will post the recipe tomorrow. I used regular breadcrumbs, but the Panko the original used should be better. One of those last minute substitutions that could have been better. Also in addition to the cheddar shreds in it, some blue cheese crumbles or some blue cheese dressing on top would be amazing too. Another last minute substitutution: used english muffins instead of Hawaiian buns – store was out, one of the hazards of shopping very early on a Monday morning.

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