Vampires Run Fast

I like food.

It is so easy to get caught up in the foodie, obsess over what you eat analogy between diet and vampires. Sometimes I forget the other aspect of general health that are huge factors in maintaining a healthy weight. We’ve talked about sleep, but I’ve managed to ignore exercise pretty well.

Stephenie Meyer touched on the subject more in her “Twilight” series than I have here. In one book it talks about how Edward enjoys running. The Cullens family likes to play baseball (does anyone else see a vague parallel to the Kennedy football games in the 60’s?). The Hungarian elder vampires look odd, chalky and hardened from sitting too much, while the more mobile Volturi have less of that, despite similar age.

Hint taken. I’m getting better at the 30 minutes of exercise 5 to 6 days per week. Am starting to add back some resistance training in addition to the stationary biking I had been doing. I was expecting to be to stiff to move today, since I’ve been so out of shape. Thanks to the hubster’s excellent expert guidance, not so. He dialed in on the weight and reps perfectly for me…I can feel it enough to know that something has changed…but am not so sore that I can’t move. It feels good instead of hurts good, you know?

Thank you, thank you, thank you Coach Snow! ( No matter what exercise you like…do it. Something is better than nothing, and if you like it at least you will stay with it.

For me, aerobic exercise is a bitter but necessary pill. But I love the way Taijiquan and the resistance circuit feels: it’s the exercise equivalent of dessert.

That’s my wish for the world today – may everyone find a delicious exercise dessert and be able to indulge in it 🙂

Happy Weekend!


6 thoughts on “Vampires Run Fast

    • Jon’s a runner too. He’s training to do a mini-triathelon in July. We’ve decided I’m training for the trinapathon…sleeping, napping and drinking coffee. 😀 THAT I can do!

      • I can do the sleeping and drinking coffee part. I’m not a good napper… they always just make me grumpy, haha. So, I can do sleeping, watching TV, and drinking coffee!

      • LOL…Do you like Mythbusters or Deadliest Catch on Discovery Channel? If you get a chance check out the mythbusters episode with the deadliest catch captains on it. They tested a napping myth, believe it or not…Keri looked just like I feel when sleep deprived. I agree with her take on naps, sleep deprivation and a sailor’s vocabulary 😉

      • I love Mythbusters, but have never caught that episode. I’m going to have to look out for it! I wonder if it’s OnDemand or online, haha.

      • It’s one of the new ones, so it might not have made on demand yet…keep an eye out tomorrow. You know how they repeat episodes leading up to the new one sometimes.

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