Best Pizza in the ‘Burgh

Just my opinion – Mineo’s in Mount Lebanon.


4 thoughts on “Best Pizza in the ‘Burgh

  1. I’ve only had pizza from one place in Pittsburgh – Fiori’s Pizza. It was amazing… probably the best pizza of my life, haha. So, if Mineo’s is better, I need to have it!

    • Heresy as it may be (I live very near Dormont) I’ve never had Fiori’s pizza…although they are basically on the same road as Mineos. Keep going on W. Liberty, past Fiori’s, past Bower Hill, into Mount Lebanon proper, and Mineo’s is on the left just a block past the parking garage. Maybe it’s a side effect of living here – but I’d rather drive flaming bamboo under my fingernails than drive on West Liberty Ave, especially at rush, no matter how good the pizza is. If you are going to eat on that side of the neighborhood, forget pizza and go to Pittsburgh BBQ Company on Banksville road, do not pass go and do not forget to get a little extra sauce on the pulled pork 😉

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